Graduate Landscape Architect

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Tina Zheng has joined Xyst to work on specific project engagements that will provide opportunities for her to be involved in multidisciplinary environments, further developing her skills and knowledge.  Passionate about landscape and architecture, she brings a fresh approach and strong creative and critical thinking skills to her design concepts.

Tina has developed a strong set of technical and artistic skills – using graphic software and hand drawing – and is highly competent in multiple software programs including the Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp and AutoCAD.  She also holds a multidisciplinary background knowledge of botany, plant protection, pest and disease management and has local commercial plant nursery experience.

A native speaker of Chinese Mandarin, Tina has fluent English language skills and has assisted as a translator/interpreter at a Dept of Conservation meeting with a Chinese delegation.

In recent years she has participated, as a volunteer, in a range of outdoor maintenance practices and mapping in the Mahoe Reserve, Christchurch.

Tina holds a Master of Landscape and Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape and Architecture, Bachelor of Agronomy in Plant Protection and a Bachelor of Management in Bureau Administration.

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