New Director joins Xyst Canada

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Todd Reichardt joins as a Director of Xyst Canada Ltd, following a 29-year career within the Parks team of City of Calgary.  He was part of the Calgary Parks Management team for 21 years, during which time he was instrumental in the development of the PARIS system (Parks Asset Reporting and Information System) and held management portfolios for urban forestry, water management, business and asset strategies, festivals and events, cultural landscapes, park infrastructure and pathways.

He has been involved in parks strategy, operational improvements, service delivery and enabled City of Calgary to achieve the top score of more than 100 cities in the Yardstick benchmarking program.  His background in entomology and zoology along with his extensive knowledge and experience with pest management led him to create and co-host a syndicated television show, Bugs and Blooms.

Todd has a highly developed entrepreneurial spirit and innovative business acumen; he looks to provide creative solutions for the benefit of communities. His strong relationships with clients, exceptional communication skills, and extensive media experience produce highly effective and successful deliveries to councils, key stakeholders and communities.  Welcome to the Xyst Team!


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