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Surveying Services

Is your organisation doing a good job?
Most importantly – is your organisation doing the right job?
How do you know?

Xyst is able to offer a wide range of surveying services which will help your organisation answer these questions and better understand the views and opinions of visitors to your parks, public open spaces and recreation facilities.

We have a team of experienced and approachable customer researchers who are skilled and knowledgeable in the area of aquatics, parks and recreation user surveying. The particular and specific knowledge of the public sector industry ensures that Xyst can provide the data that clients require to make informed decisions about policy development, expenditure and operations.

Xyst offers:

  • User profile research
  • Intercept surveying services
  • Observation studies
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Visitor surveying tools through the Yardstick program

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We work collaboratively with clients to take advantage of both local knowledge and industry best practice.  We can either assist clients to undertake just survey design or data collection for instance, or provide a complete service by undertaking the full range of research tasks from start to finish.

We can utilise existing web-based survey tools, developed by the industry benchmark program Yardstick, to provide you with simple highly cost effective survey solutions, or else develop customised surveys to meet your specific needs.

We can undertake the surveys of leisure facilities and parks for you and develop specific targeted questions you may wish to ask to better understand your users’ needs.

Direct surveying of your customers via at-home self-completion surveys is also available. Our experienced survey team can complete your whole project providing the on-site surveyors to undertake the surveys in a timeframe that meets your needs. Alternatively we can assist by setting up the survey process, provide project management and a developed database to produce timely outputs and enable your organisation to undertake the actual surveys.

Where could our services be useful:

  • Parks
  • Civic spaces
  • Cemeteries
  • Beaches
  • Nature reserves
  • Rail trails
  • Leisure facilities and pools
  • Skate parks

Recent Surveying Projects

Selwyn District Council has utilised the services of Xyst for a number of projects over the last couple of years. This has included assistance with developing sections of the Community Facilities Activity Management Plan. Xyst are genuine experts in this area and have provided high quality input to this plan that has made it both more useful and readable. Xyst have recently provided advisory services on sports field lighting for a major sports park development project in the district. We found their technical expertise in this field to be very useful in making the right decisions on significant capital investment. Xyst have also carried out parks contract audits for us and produced informative reports and analysis of the results.

Mark Rykers, Selwyn District Council

Xyst have assisted Waikato District Council with the formulation of documents, which assist in setting the strategic framework and asset management of the parks and open spaces that the Council administers. These include Reserves Act Management Plans, a Parks Strategy; Activity Management Plan for the LTP and asset focused work such as the Playground Strategy. Xyst have impressed with their industry knowledge and add huge value to these projects, helping to set up Waikato District with a strategic direction for parks which has not been previously clear.

Andrew Corkill, Waikato District Council

The three primary benefits of our association with Xyst and Yardstick has been: 1) meeting and collaborating with the best people in the parks business - Chris & Brian have been an invaluable resource in supporting & implementing asset management strategies in our organization; 2) meeting and sharing in the collective knowledge with other international Yardstick members including Helsinki & Dublin, and 3) providing a standardized framework to evaluate our existing AM system with other like-minded organizations and using the results to establish a clear line-of-sight for on-going improvement.

Todd Reichardt

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