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New Consultant – Aquatics and Beyond!

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  • Xyst welcomes Kathy Moore 
  • With over 30 years in the recreation industry, Kathy is recognised in the Aquatics sector and brings additional strength in aquatic facility planning, operations and management to our highly skilled and diverse team.
  • Working out of Christchurch, Kathy is already diving into some of our current projects, utilising her aquatic and broader recreational knowledge base, and pursuing her passion for encouraging communities to be more active.
  • Kathy will also be known to many within our Yardstick community, as she has led the Yardstick Facilities Advisory Group for a number of years.


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  • To be based in Napier, Hawkes Bay
  • We are looking for a talented and motivated person, experienced in strategic planning and project management, with 5-plus years in middle management.
  • You will bring passion, professionalism and practicality; support and staff leadership skills; strong community engagement capability.
  • Click the advertised role profile here and request a full Position Description

Tauranga Boat Ramps Observational Study

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The brief for this project was to provide empirical data about the use of Tauranga City Council boat ramps and associated parking areas at Sulphur Point and Mount Maunganui to support decision making about the future of these assets. The study was undertaken at three locations in early 2019, and involved vehicle and trailer counts in six separate use zones, and park user counts at Marine Park. Counts and observations were supplemented with drone aerial photography to provide further evidence of how the areas are used, particularly at peak times.

Milford Opportunities Project: Xyst in partnership with Opus has been selected to undertake the Project Management

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Xyst in partnership with Opus has been selected to undertake the Project Management for the Milford Opportunities Project.

The ultimate outcome of the project is to produce a masterplan for the future of Milford Sound and its corridor that will enhance them and Fiordland National park as key NZ visitor ‘icons providing a ‘world class’ visitor experience.

The following links provides background information about the project:

New project management team for Milford Opportunities

The project involves multiple agencies that have an interest and are stakeholders in future planning and development of opportunities associated with Milford growth including: Southland District Council (SDC), Department of Conservation (DOC), New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), Iwi, Milford Sound Tourism ((MST) – formerly the Milford Sound Development Authority (MDA)), Environment Southland (ES), Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Ministry of Transport (MOT), Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM).

Stewart Island International Dark Sky application

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Readings conducted on the island by Xyst Consulting have confirmed the sky quality is suitable for achieving dark sky status, and is comparable with current conditions on Great Barrier Island.

In order to achieve Dark Sky Sanctuary status, the island must use LED street lights of no higher than 3000k, which the Southland District Council is addressing with their LED replacement programme. ​

Along with the testing, Venture Southland also polled residents to gather their views on the subject.

Support for the initiative was strong, with 79 of the 90 people surveyed supporting the plans.

Community leaders on Stewart Island also expressed their support for the proposal.

Xyst welcomes Michele Frey to the team:

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We are delighted to announce that the highly talented and experienced environmental and recreation practitioner, Michele Frey has joined the Xyst team.

Michele is an experienced environmental and recreation practitioner. She has broad consultancy experience ranging from national tourism research, parks, conservation and recreation strategy and asset management to lead roles in feasibility studies for sports facility developments, major recreation assessments and recreation strategies. She was elected to the Board of the NZ Recreation Association in 2015 and as its Deputy Chair in 2016.

Michele’s qualifications include a Master of Applied Science, Major in Environmental Management; and a Certificate in Science & Technology, Landscape Design.

Michele latest challenging adventure was taking part in the pursuit event of multisport adventure race, Godzone.

City Of Melton

National Open Space Maintenance Specification

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Scope of the project

In consultation with a sector wide working group made up of both councils and contractors, Xyst has  lead the development of standard specifications for typical parks and open space service delivery. While councils are likely to be the primary users, the specifications are available to and of value to any owners or managers of open spaces such as schools, rest homes, correctional facilities, defence force bases, hospitals and road side areas. The specifications are applicable to a range of service delivery models, providing a library of standard tasks and actions suitable for all service levels. The specifications include known and accepted standards of maintenance, so will not be guilty of yet again reinventing the wheel.


Standard specifications will provide time and cost savings both for council personnel drafting contracts and contractors tendering for contracts and delivering services. Consistent application and understanding of service standards will ensure all parties have realistic expectations. Making the resource available free of charge will hopefully ensure a wide uptake across the country. The contractors who have contributed so willingly and openly to the development of the specifications will know and understand with certainty what level of service is actually required and be able to price this more accurately and efficiently.


Levels of Service

Much thought has been given to how as a sector we should deal with different levels of service. Most of the specifications will have at least three service levels to cover standards of maintenance or service delivery from basic to premium. For certain types of assets we have identified that there simply is only one level of service applicable. As an example rose gardens and annual bedding have only one standard of service. For other assets where various levels of service can be applied and chosen by the specifier, a service level is indicated by a star rating system similar to hotel ratings for ease of understanding by the infrequent user.


The National Open Space Specification document is available directly from Xyst or the NZ Recreation Association.

Public Toilet Strategy – Wingecarribee Shire

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Xyst recently completed the preparation of a Public Toilet Strategy for the Shire of Wingecarribee. The preparation of the strategy included undertaking intercept surveys at selected public toilets, development of levels of service and a performance based assessment of each facility to provide a statistical prioritisation for renewal planning and implementation plan.

Australia feature project: IPART (NSW) Open space embellishment levels of servcie and cost guideline

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The NSW government department IPART has engaged Xyst to prepare a report to provide guidance on their assessment of open space development contributions proposals.

The guideline provides a detailed list of typical levels of service for a range of park categories. This provides guidance as to what assets are typically either provided or not provided (based on the Revised Local Development Contributions Practice Note,  definition of  “base level” embellishment).

The guideline provides typical range of quantities and market costs for the provision of assets and development for each park category, to arrive at typical cost range for park developments.