The development and management of trails gives people access to wonderful natural environments and promotes outdoor activity and exercise. Planning a trail is a complex process which needs to consider the needs of stakeholders, minimises the impact on the environment, has clear, concise signage that doesn’t create visual pollution, along with many other factors.

We account for all those factors when we develop a plan for the development or maintenance of a trail, engaging stakeholders and setting responsive actions to get the project finished.

As a result, we have been involved in many trail projects, delivering better quality trails which cater for changing trends, the growth of cycling, and which make trails more useful as year-round attractions.

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Senior Consultant
I have over 30 years’ experience in the horticulture, parks and open spaces, community facilities and customer service sectors. I have been involved in contract management, business development and...
My primary role is to manage the team at Xyst’s Napier office and to assist our other consultants to bring innovative, best practice solutions for our clients. I have deep knowledge across the key ...
Senior Consultant
I support councils to develop clear policy and guidelines for managing public activities on public land. I do this by supporting council officers to manage natural and built assets, ensuring they are...
Senior Consultant
As a consultant, I have been involved with a mixture of parks planning, asset management, capital works delivery and programme management projects for councils, charitable trusts and Maori trusts. My...
Graduate Consultant
Since starting with Xyst, I have worked alongside council to fill the role of Parks, Facilities and Customer Service Officer. This role manages the day-to-day operations of the council’s cemeteries...
To assist councils and other agencies, I work with them to complete strategic and asset planning to help meet the recreational and open space needs of their communities. I also undertake project mana...

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