With experience and expertise across the spectrum of creating, managing and maintaining outdoor spaces, Xyst has had a big impact on communities throughout New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Feel free to browse through the case studies below to find out how we have helped council, local government and other people working in the public sector to find solutions for projects.

Mackenzie District Council
Xyst coordinated the upgrade of the Strathconan Pools plant equipment to meet New Zealand water quality standards.
Mackenzie District Council
Xyst coordinated the replacement of a toilet block destroyed due to vandalism at Lake Ruataniwha.
Mackenzie District Council
The procurement and project management of the new heating systems for the Twizel & Fairlie Pools.
Thames-Coromandel District Council
Our work has provided the client with an overview of the condition of the trees on site and allowed for tree maintenance works to be prioritised by risk.
Thames-Coromandel District Council
Our work has allowed for a proactive and risk-based approach to tree maintenance by providing prioritised works, long-term management options and high-level funding estimates.
Gisborne District Council
Xyst worked with Gisborne District Council and the local community to develop a high level reserve concept plan for the Ūawa Reserve in Ūawa/Tologa Bay.
Mackenzie District Council
GIS mapping of existing trees; plan prepared for location and species selection of new tree planting; sourcing of selected trees.
Hutt City Council
Xyst developed the landscape planting plan and handled the procurement of plants and contractors to complete the soft landscaping on Judd Crescent Reserve.
Napier City Council
Xyst developed a playground maintenance plan for the renewal of the Gleeson Park Playground. The plan also captured warranty information and supplier contact details.