Advancing Natural Asset Management : IPWEA 2018 Annual Parks Seminars from the 29th October- register NOW.

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Advancing Natural Asset Management

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The IPWEA 2018 annual parks seminars will focus on the following topics:

  • Valuation of living assets – Obtain clarity on a topic that continues to generate significant debate- often mixed with an element of confusion!
  • Learn what you can do, what you should do and how you can do it
  • Incorporating living assets into your asset register
  • Renewal planning and the role of condition and performance assessment
  • Applying asset management planning techniques to bush/natural areas
  • Preparing levels of service for living assets including bush areas
  • Preparing service specifications for living assets
  • Leveraging resources for natural areas from wider environmental benefits

Venues and dates:

Brisbane 29 Oct

Sydney 30 Oct

Adelaide 31 Oct

Melbourne 1 Nov

Perth 8 Nov


Xyst welcomes Elise Yule to the team

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  • Elise will be working closely with Michele Frey and Pip Mackay to bolster our resources in the environmental/recreation section, together with other community and open space projects.
Elise is an environmental/recreational consultant with a Masters in Applied Science (Parks, Sport and Recreation Management). She has previously enjoyed a graduate programme through Auckland Council before a role with Napier City. Involved in the Generate Network her active passion for sport and recreation is evident with a Lincoln University hockey scholarship along with representative hockey honours.


IPWEA Practice Note 10.4 – Service Delivery – now available

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Xyst has been engaged by IPWEA to prepare a series of Practice Notes (PN) for parks management. The purpose of the PN’s is to provide sector specific practical guidance to implement the principles of the International Infrastructure Management Manual.

Practice Note 10.4 is designed to provide practical, parks specific management advice and guidance. It uses best practice principles combined with industry examples to implement parks management tasks in the areas of:

  • Service delivery planning
  • Service reviews
  • Service delivery specifications
  • Quality management
  • Contract management
  • Maintenance planning
  • Financial requirements for operations and maintenance
  • Documenting the above information in the lifecycle management section of the asset management plan

PN 10.4 is available from the IPWEA website bookstore