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80 Years Experience In Park Planning

Planning Overview

Xyst undertakes a wide range of planning development projects, drawing on the more than 80 years experience that its staff have in local government parks management and operation, and resource management planning.

Whether it is specific activity strategies, reserve management plans, or an overarching parks/open spaces strategy, Xyst will always produce a document which is able to be implemented within the local government political environment, as well as enabling things to get done on the ground. A strength of Xyst is our ability to produce outcomes which are practical and relevant to the needs of the Parks Manager.

A particular strength is activity strategies such as aquatics, playground, public toilet and cemeteries where we apply our unique blend of planning, asset management and operation experience to produce strategies that are practical and provide economically sustainable strategic outcomes.

  • Parks/open space strategies
  • Park (reserve) management plans
  • Playground strategies
  • Public toilet strategies
  • Cemetery strategies
  • Parks and open space policy development
  • Resource management planning

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Waitaki District Council chose Xyst to prepare its asset management plan for its Recreational activities due to their expertise in recreational asset management and competitive costs. Through the process they identified areas where we can improve our business and asset management and produced a document that met the specific layout and needs of our operations. We are very satisfied with the result which will improve future management and planning.

Erik Van de Spek, Waitaki District Council

Overall, the Xyst team is very professional in what they do. Being well respected industry professionals coming from hands-on backgrounds means you are dealing with professional consultants that have walked the walk - not just university graduates that just know how to talk the talk! Having worked with the Xyst Team for ten years I have no hesitation in recommending Xyst to anyone requiring a specialist parks and community facilities professional services company.

Ian Soper, Gore District Council

The three primary benefits of our association with Xyst and Yardstick has been: 1) meeting and collaborating with the best people in the parks business - Chris and Brian have been an invaluable resource in supporting and implementing asset management strategies in our organization; 2) meeting and sharing in the collective knowledge with other international Yardstick members including Helsinki and Dublin, and 3) providing a standardized framework to evaluate our existing AM system with other like-minded organizations and using the results to establish a clear line-of-sight for on-going improvement.

Todd Reichardt

Recent Planning Projects

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