Ashburton Parks Asset Condition Rating and Maintenance Mapping

The Ashburton Open Space maintenance team provides in-house maintenance of the parks and open spaces across the Ashburton District. As the maintenance work has never been outsourced there has not been a pressing need to quantify the amount of assets maintained by the team.

Xyst prepared a pilot project which had three phases. Phase 1 comprised of data collection and condition rating of all the parks and open space assets using our mobile data collection tool. Phase 2 involved GIS mapping of the maintenance areas and setting service levels for each area. Finally phase 3 included the valuation of these assets for the asset management plan.

For the first time, Ashburton District Council was able to understand the full extent of maintenance works undertaken and have an accurate condition assessment of its assets. This project led to a review of some areas of land being maintained that were not owned by the Council and improvements to the quality of the Council’s asset management plan and benchmarking efforts using Yardstick benchmarking.

Project Benefit

Comprehensive mapping of all areas maintained by the Ashburton District Council open space maintenance team including drone photography and GIS mapping, condition rating, setting service levels and valuation.
Client organisation
Ashburton District Council
Asset Management
Field data collection
Condition Assessment