Parks and Service Review

Xyst was brought in to undertake a service review of the Parks and Environment section based on a Council resolution of November 2018.

We reviewed Kalamunda’s information with other Australian councils’ park provision, using Yardstick to produce a wide range of performance metrics to assess relative levels of service, performance and efficiency.

We were also involved in assessing the performance assessment of the quality of maintenance and operation standards on a range of parks across the city, a review of existing documents and meetings with staff and staff groups related to the parks and environment team.

At the end of this process we identified some key points which helped create key recommendations for the City of Kalamunda’s Parks and Environment section.

Project Benefit

Service review the City of Kalamunda parks and environment section and provide recommendations to improve this section.
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City of Kalamunda
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Yardstick - Benchmarking
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Service Delivery Review (Section 17a Local Government Act)