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Scenic Rim Regional Council – Public Amenities Strategy

By October 14, 2020No Comments

Xyst was engaged by Scenic Rim Regional Council to develop a Public Amenities Strategy as a tool to deliver a comprehensive and prioritised plan for the future development and management of its public amenities.  Our consultants visited and inspected all public toilets within the scope of the proposal, assessing distribution, current condition and level of service, and updated the asset inventory record.  We used intercept and observational surveys, and recorded user patterns, to gather information on the public toilet performance, design and location.  All data was analysed to help set goals and objectives for public toilet provision. Based on categories of use and location, we prepared a planning framework for the provision of public amenities across the Council’s area, provided design and construction standards and identified operating levels of service.  The Public Amenities Strategy provides a 20-year programme, with planned maintenance requirements and budget guidelines.

The suite of tools in our benchmarking Yardstick program was used extensively in this project and Scenic Rim Regional Council has become a subscriber to this program following these results.


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