Fairlie Ashes Circle

Consultants at Xyst engaged with Mackenzie District Council staff, Community Board Members, the Fairlie Lions, Veteran’s Affairs, the Fairlie RSA, and a number of other community groups. This project resulted in the redevelop the Fairlie Ashes Circle, the building a memorial wall, and the replanting of the centre piece of the Fairlie Cemetery.

This project took place over a multiple of months sand included the development of a planting and landscaping plan by Xyst’s in-house Landscape Architect, it also included multiple successful funding applications, the ordering of appropriate plants, and the procurement of a contractors to undertake both the planting and landscaping required to complete this project.

Project Benefit

Revitalisation of the Fairlie Cemetery’s Ashes Circle.
Client organisation
Mackenzie District Council
Project Management
Capital works project management
Project scoping
Funding applications