Jane Wright

Parks and Facilities Consultant

As a consultant with Xyst, I help local government and other agencies plan and deliver parks and recreation benefits for their local communities. This involves supporting clients with a broad range of knowledge and practical skills associated with open spaces and facilities.

In any project, I aim to build strong relationships that help to inspire the urban areas, open spaces and natural environments where people live and play.

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My expertise

I am an experienced open spaces, civic and residential landscape designer with a proven history of working for local government and the private sector. My skill set and expertise includes landscape design, CAD drawing (Vectorworks), landscape construction, parks and facilities projects and operations, reserve management planning and policy, and landscape technical advisory.


  • Diploma in Technology (Landscape Design – level 6), Waikato Institute of Technology
  • Cert. in Applied Science (Horticulture/Landscape Design), Massey University
  • Cert. in Forensic Photography, Victoria University
  • Cert. in Contemporary Policing, Victoria University
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Management), Lincoln University
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment System – Registered User


  • Registered Play Inspector International Level 2

Xyst in action

One of the key challenges Xyst deals with every day is planning for the future, not just what’s needed today. At Whakatane District Council, I worked on the creation of an omnibus Reserve Management Policy to standardise management and development guidelines across the entire reserve suite.

This benefited the community as it streamlined the updates of various Individual Reserve Management Plans and created the basis for strategic reserve planning into the future. Our holistic approach to solution development is one of our competitive edges.



The management of trees and the urban forest is vital to mitigating the effects of climate change and to the health and wellbeing of communities

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Along with Yardstick, our international benchmarking program for local government, if you need research to make good decisions, we can get it for you

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Play Spaces

From redevelopments to new builds, our children need safe, fun play spaces to get them outside for fresh air and exercise

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My Projects

Napier Public Toilet Strategy

Public toilets are important community facilities for residents and visitors to maintain a safe, healthy, clean and tidy city. This Strategy considers facility provision, distribution,

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