Tom O’Neill

Graduate Consultant

Since starting with Xyst, I have worked alongside council to fill the role of Parks, Facilities and Customer Service Officer. This role manages the day-to-day operations of the council’s cemeteries, parks, pools, halls and associated community services. I’m also involved in planning and auditing these services to ensure their quality is maintained.

Where possible, I like to work on the ground, building strong relationships with co-workers, contractors and stakeholders. This approach streamlines our activities and makes use of our collective knowledge.

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My expertise

I entered the recreation and community services space with my first job as a lifeguard for a council. After seeing a natural progression in the sector, I decided to pursue a Bachelors in Sports and Recreation Management, Majoring in Marketing at Lincoln University.

During my studies, I became more immersed in aquatics, dealing with facility operations, learn to swim, plant, merchandising and programmes. This progression spanned four councils and gave me valuable experience in leadership and change management.


  • Master of Business (Maj. In Management), University of Canterbury
  • Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management (Maj. In Marketing), Lincoln University
  • National Certificate in Recreation and Sport, Level 3

Xyst in action

I have recently started doing project-based work with Xyst’s senior consultants. One of these projects has included putting together a reserve management plan for Lake Ruataniwha. We began the project by engaging key stakeholders and visitors to the lake, gaining their perspectives on key areas within the reserve and potential areas for development.

We will then take this plan to the public for consultation before gaining submissions. An extensive range of users has made this process more complex, involving the local Iwi, rowers, tourism, families, boaters and passive users of the lake. Once complete, this plan will guide future council activity, producing benefits to the community in a more efficient manner.



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