Botanic Gardens Staff Resourcing Review

Xyst provided an independent review of staffing resourcing to help the Parks and Open spaces department to determine appropriate resources and a structure for the Botanic Gardens in the future. There was only enough staff to perform basic maintenance of the gardens so Xyst carried out a benchmarking analysis to assess how other Botanic Gardens from around Australia and New Zealand resource their Botanic Gardens. This analysis suggested staffing structures and provided a recommendation about sufficient staffing numbers to service and maintain the gardens presently and in the future. This was broken into three stages of needs: short term, medium term and long term.

Project Benefit

An analysis of Bendigo Botanic Garden’s current staffing resources and future needs was undertaken by Xyst to determine the amount of staff required presently as well as likely in the future.
Client organisation
The City of Greater Bendigo
Service Delivery
In-house management support/staff placement
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Organizational Assessment